"Dr. Sheth excels in so many aspects of her career. Besides being very knowledgable about your feet. She treats you as a person who is concerned with your personal needs as well. She knows work is important and try's to help you balance your care along with career. She take time to listen to you and not just what some chart shows. She may get behind in appointments at the office only due to she will not hurry you in and out of her office. I sometimes feel like I am taking to much of her time but she will say "hey we need to get it right the first time" I have told her I might have damaged her work between office visit. But she is always reassuring saying "no but we will correct it so be" she is thorough at explaining how to care for your surgery and will repeat as many times as you need. She has called me on the weekend several times after surgery to just make sure I am ok.I am 52 and have seen my share of doctors but she is a cut above the rest. She truly only cares about you and getting better. This is my second time for surgery on different feet. I feel good even when it hurt like crazy because Dr.Sheth has fixed the problem. Thank you!"

- Gordon Chapin

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