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Born in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Ami Sheth has been living in the Bay Area since 1991. After finishing high school in Palo Alto, she attended the University of California at Berkeley. Later, she received her doctorate with honors from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco.

Dr. Sheth spent a year in Washington State where she trained at the Madigan Army Medical Center before returning to California to complete her 3 year Podiatric Surgical Residency at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Vallejo. Her training included childhood ailments, trauma, sports medicine, and surgery. She is most interested in treating children with foot disorders. She has been in practice since 2005 and is a Diplomate for the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Dr. Sheth is very active in the Santa Clara Valley Podiatric Medical Society and the California Podiatric Medical Association, where she is currently the President-Elect for the state organization. She is also a Fellow with the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. She is a UC Berkeley alumna and is active with the California Alumni Association where she mentors undergraduate students from UC Berkeley.

Her outside interests include entertaining her young preschooler, struggling with the Dailey Method, and continuing to explore the area. She is a recent Pintrest addict and is busy attempting multiple projects.

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Ami A. Sheth, DPM

15100 Los Gatos Blvd,
#4 Los Gatos,
California 95032
(408) 358-6234


  • Kaiser Foundation Hospital Residency Program Vallejo, CA
  • Three years of Foot and Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery June 2005
  • California College of Podiatric Medicine San Francisco, CA
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine May 2002
  • University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology May 1998

Honors and Awards:

  • Outstanding Student Service and Leadership Award 5/02
  • Fund for Podiatric Medicine Scholarship 1/02
  • Maryland Residency Scholarship 1/02
  • CCPM Honor List 8/00-5/01
  • Foundation for Excellence Scholarship 12/00, 1/02
  • Alumni and Associates Student Scholarship 11/00
  • CCPM Student Body Service Scholarship 3/00
  • National Institute of Health Research Grant Summer 1999


  • Santa Clara Valley Podiatric Medical Association 12/05 – current
  • California Podiatric Medical Association 8/98 – current
  • American Podiatric Medical Association 8/98 – current
  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons 7/02 – current
  • Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose, CA 2005 – current
  • Community Hospital of Los Gatos 2006 – current
  • John Muir Medical Center 2005

Leadership Experience:

  • President, Santa Clara Valley Podiatric Medical Association 6/07 - current
  • Vice President, Santa Clara Valley Podiatric Medical Association 6/06 - 5/07
  • Alumni Mentorship Program, University of California, Berkeley 7/04 - current
  • Vice President (CCPM, Student Body) 5/00 – 5/01
  • Managing Editor (CCPM, Foot and Ankle Review, Academic Journal for CCPM) 8/00 – 5/01
  • Coordinator (CCPM, America Reads/Counts Tutoring Program) 5/00 – 5/01

Residency Experience:

Trauma Management

  • Serviced 400 patients per resident per year in a weekly resident-run Fracture Clinic by devising treatment plans for acute foot and ankle trauma and assessing the progress of non-surgical patients during their subsequent appointments.

Elective Surgery:

  • Participated in over 1000 surgical podiatric procedures.
  • Performed skin-to-skin procedures with attending surgeon for biweekly operating room block time.
  • Determined progress of 450 patients per resident per year in weekly resident-run post-operative clinic consisting of follow-up appointments for surgical patients during their entire post-operative course.

Wound Care:

  • Executed wound care debridement and assessed patients for infections during weekly resident-run podiatric wound-care clinic of 400 outpatients seen per resident per year.
  • Managed podiatric aspect of limb salvage with both primary care physicians for diabetes management and with vascular surgery to develop long-term treatment strategies.

Residency Experience:

  • Examined and treat new and returning adult patients with podiatric medical conditions.
  • Performed history and physical examinations and educated surgical patients on their peri-operative courses.
  • Collaborated with primary care providers for preventative health maintenance.

Childhood foot disorders:

  • Serviced 300 pediatric patients seen per resident per year in resident pediatric clinics consisting of biomechanical correction of non-surgical podiatric conditions.
  • Determined need for serial casting for conditions such as clubfoot, metatarsus adductus, and calcaneal valgus in neonates and infants.

Inpatient Hospital Management:

  • Worked with other medical services, including Vascular Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Infectious Disease services to devise hospital course and develop long-term health maintenance plan.
  • Average number of new inpatients to be followed by the podiatry service while in the hospital per year: 170 patients.


Advanced knowledge of Gujarati and conversational knowledge of Hindi.


I enjoy Indian dancing, snowboarding, and learning how to cook.

Research Projects, Publications, and Presentations:

  • Plastic reconstruction for skin defects (Gray Williams, DPM, Kaiser Permanente) 7/04 Poster presentation, not completed.
  • Non-small cell carcinoma: primary source in the foot (Nizar Kajani, MD, Kaiser Permanente) 8/03 Case study not re-submitted for peer review.
  • Soft tissue neoplasm occurrences in the foot and ankle (Gray Williams, DPM, Kaiser Permanente) 7/03 Original prospective research, not completed.
  • The effects of smoking on wound healing (Jeffery Page, DPM, CCPM) 2/01 Presenter, Student Research Symposium.
  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • The attachment process as observed in day care children (UC Berkeley) Spring 1998 Publication in Active Intellect: Undergraduate Research Journal.
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