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Let's Move! With the First Lady

“The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake.” First Lady Michelle Obama made this moving statement when she launched the “Let’s Move” initiative last year. She has been hard at work telling kids and parents about the new program, and we’re taking the ride with her. Because healthy feet are such an important part of many aspects of the Let’s Move plan, your podiatrist wants to work with you and your family to help ensure that you can participate and be healthy.

Did you know that over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled? That's probably due to a number of factors. Thirty years ago, kids mostly walked to school, played outside after school, and then sat down to portion-controlled dinners at home with their families. Today, our kids ride to school, have little or no activity at school or at home after school, and eat fewer home-cooked meals. In addition, kids today tend to snack nearly three times more than kids did in the past.

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All this adds up to a problem for our kids and our nation. So what can we all do to help? Mrs. Obama's Let's Move program outlines five steps to success:

• Provide healthy snacks to kids both in their lunches and at home. Since fruits and veggies are a great source of vitamins and minerals and tend to be lower in calories and fat, they are a great replacement for cookies, chips, and ice cream.

• Make physical activity a part of your family's routine. Kids need about 60 minutes of physical activity each day, so make it a point to do activities with your kids. Take a walk to the playground, walk the dog, or do active chores together. Park farther away from your destination so that a short walk is required. The main point is to get away from the couch, the TV, and the computer. A visit to the podiatrist this fall will help you get started on a plan for the entire family.

• Plan a healthy menu. Making sure that the whole family eats nutritious meals in reasonable portions can be an experience shared by the family. Get kids involved in planning meals and even in shopping for groceries. Cut back on sugar and high calorie drinks, and try to eat together as a family. All of these tactics create an atmosphere for better health.

• Reduce screen time and get active. Experts indicate that more than an hour or two each day of TV or computer time is too much. Parents need to set rules that limit the amount of time kids watch TV and play video games and encourage more activity. Setting a good example is a great way to begin. Parents also need to provide alternatives to kids, and encourage them to play outside, find new hobbies, or learn a new sport.

• Organize a school health team. Many schools have developed wellness policies that address school food service and physical activity. You can get involved in your community's program by contacting your school principal or PTA for more information.

Your podiatrist can be integrally involved in helping your family get started on the 'right foot' by making sure that everyone has healthy feet. A regular visit either before school starts or just after will give you an opportunity to discuss the best sports, shoes, and lifestyle changes for you and your kids. Let's Move today.

For more information about Mrs. Obama's Let's Move program, visit

For more detailed information on our services visit, and You can also contact us by phone: (408) 358-6234 or via email:

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